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Video Streaming PAAS

Enterprise-class video streaming infrastructure aimed at content companies looking to run a Netflix-scale service.

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So what does it take?

Quite a lot, actually. There's a lot that goes behind launching and running a secure streaming service at scale.

A lot of tech, a lot of money and a lot of time.

The Vendor Spaghetti

There exist a pleathora of complicated solutions from multiple vendors.

A content owner has to jump through multiple hoops to get their content to their audience.

Content Owner


Video Delivery Management

Online Video Platforms

Encoding / Transcoding


Measurement and Analytics

Data / DRM



OTT Platforms

IP-Enabled Set Top Boxes

System Integrators


Cap-ex Spirals

The upfront spends, both monetary and of time are massive.

A content owner loses crucial time and significant money in setting up a non-scalable platform held together by hot glue.

Monthly Active Users100K+1M+10M+
All apps + all devices$3M+
Most apps + major devices$1M+
Web + Android + iOS$500K+
Data and Analytics$100K+$500K+$1M+
Time Spent6-9 Months9-15 Months12-24 Months

We change everything

Aim as high as you can, leap as far as you dare

You can control what different users see

You can publish some content to one country and not to another

You can manage content licenses

You can show different age rating labels in different countries

You can match series, seasons and episodes

You can have trailers and additional content

You can have multiple plans in multiple countries

You can charge extra to show 4K content

You can control the number of users watching of a single subscription

You can allow users to watch on only specific devices

You can offer discounts, promo codes and allow people to redeem coupons

You can have different UI on different devices

You can have different UI, per device, in every country

You can change your UI whenever you please

You can have custom pages / custom collections / custom search tags

You can partner with a telco / bundling partner / new payment gateway / new set top box / new TV

and so much more...

The Four Major Constituents

The Platform has four major moving parts that come together seamlessly to help content creators and companies build a streaming business.


The Streaming Infrastructure that intelligently manages your video assets and seamlessly delivers them anywhere in the world, to any device.


The Business Engine that lets you seamlessly set up hybrid revenue models and maximize ARPU.


The Adaptive Frontend that’s married to our insights engine and changes auto-magically.


The Data Science Engine that give you an end-to-end overview of your audience.

We Deliver

High Quality

HD/4k/8k streams in bandwidth rich locations and high quality streams in poor network areas.


Average video start time under 4 seconds on all networks and video start failure under 1%.


Transcoding speed of 4:1 and bandwidth savings of up to 30% over traditional solutions.

Content Management

Auto generate metadata content and auto-ratings/censor according to regional requirements.

Truly Global

Native multi-lingual translation support and multi-region licensing and monetization.


Support for all kinds of devices and an integrated second-screen solution.

Zero Cap-Ex Pricing

One simple cost for everything that drops as you scale. We are always aligned with your business model.